How to Word a Welcome Home Baby Party Invitation

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Having a welcome home baby party to introduce the new little bundle of joy is ideal for parents that already have children, a baby's birth before their due date or a convenient way to combine a baby shower and "meet the baby" party. Combining the two allows everyone to enjoy the baby during the party while they shower mom and dad with all of the baby gifts they'll need.


Step 1

Choose a cute poem that fits the baby's sex, theme of the party or nursery and includes pertinent information without overcrowding the invitation.

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Step 2

Welcome a baby girl with a cute poem such as "Sugar is the sweetest thing in the world, but not as sweet as our new baby girl! Cute bows for her hair and pink booties for her feet, Jenna Rae's here ... isn't that sweet? Celebrate Jenna's arrival with us at our home on ..." and leave room for other pertinent information.


Step 3

Choose a poem geared towards a boy or multiples or whatever fits. If there are older siblings, you can word the invitation from them, introducing their new little brother to the family and friends. "Someone special, someone dear; Someone to love is finally here! Come meet my baby brother Robert Thomas."


Step 4

Include the baby's name, the time and date for the party, the address and a phone number to reach the host. The invitation should state "welcome home" or something similar so people know they are coming to meet the baby.


Add a picture and the baby's stats to the card to have it serve as an official announcement of the birth as well.

Use wording from any baby shower invitation that you really like, but tweak it to fit the "coming home" aspect of your event.

Welcome home surprise parties may not be the greatest idea as the new parents may be tired, and the new mom may not feel like having guests right away. Remember she just gave birth and got home from the hospital.


If you do use the invitation as an announcement, make sure the baby's stats are not going to interfere with the party time and date or confuse your guests. Perhaps list the party info inside and the baby's stats on the cover, or vice versa.



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