How to Make Your Own Foam Sleeper Chair

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Things You'll Need

  • 74-inch long x 38-inch wide fleece blanket, flat sheet or pre-quilted fabric

  • 3 26-inch wide x 24-inch long x 5-inch thick pieces of foam or sponge

  • Sewing machine

  • Velcro tape (sewable)

  • Thread

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • Straight pins

Foam sleeper chairs are convenient to have when there's a shortage of space or frequent visitors come to sleep over. Bulky sofa beds are uncomfortable and rigid. Air mattresses deflate when you move or send you bouncing to the side when you or your bed partner roll over. The foam sleeper chair is the answer to these extra sleeping-space needs. Kids love the foam sleeper chair for game-room activities and sleepovers. By utilizing Velcro tape, your foam sleeper chair is washable and can see many years of use. The foam sleeper chair is easy to make and store, and costs a lot less than a retail version futon or deluxe foam sleeper sofa or chair.


Step 1

Cut two rectangles measuring 74 inches long by 38 inches wide.

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Step 2

Sew around edges using a 1-inch sewing allowance, leaving one 38-inch end open.

Step 3

On one of the open ends, sew Velcro tape to one side of the fabric.

Step 4

Sew the other half of the Velcro tape to the other side of the fabric on the open end.

Step 5

Turn inside out.

Step 6

Insert the three pieces of foam or sponge, one right after the other, until all three are in the case.


Step 7

Close the Velcro opening.

Step 8

The foam sleeper chair can be sewn closed instead of utilizing the Velcro tape, but with the Velcro tape the cover can be removed, washed, dried and returned--thus prolonging the life of the foam sleeper chair.


The foam sleeper chair can be placed flat on the ground for use as a sleeping surface or for playing television games. Kids love foam sleeper chairs because of their ease of use and durability. They are easily “thrown anywhere” and are a good base beneath sleeping bags for sleepovers. Fabrics such as denim and fleece are functional, wear well and wash and dry safely with good results. Foam and sponge can be purchased at your local craft or hobby store. Cheap fleece throws are a good source of fabric, but smaller ones may have to be sewn together to form the measurements needed for the chair. Cut as you would fabric. You can recycle old mattress sponge pads by cutting and stacking them to the required height.


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