How to Make Die Cuts

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For the avid scrapbook designer, die cuts are a necessity. However, purchasing them premade for every project can be expensive. Instead of wasting your money, make your own die cuts using cookie cutters as your pattern. Design any shape, creature or decoration you like for free without leaving home. Create the die cuts to match any color or theme in your scrapbook and save even more money by recycling paper from around the house.


Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Paper

  • Paper Cutter

  • Scissors Or Craft Knife

  • Cookie Cutters

Step 1

Choose several sheets of patterned paper, chipboard or card stock. Patterned paper and card stock are the easiest to cut, however, chipboard will add extra dimension to your die cuts. Use scrap paper, empty cereal boxes for chipboard or recycled greeting cards instead of using full sheets of paper.

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Step 2

Use a paper cutter to cut the paper into squares that are about the same size as the cookie cutter. If using scrap paper or recycled greeting cards, omit this step when the paper is already as small as the cookie cutter.


Step 3

Place a cookie cutter onto the square paper and trace around it using a pencil. Any style or shape cookie cutter will work.

Step 4

Use sharp scissors or a craft knife to cut the shape out of the paper. To add embellishment to the edge of the shape, use scissors with a decorative cutting edge.