How to Make a Scented Fog Solution

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic container

  • Distilled water

  • Glycerin

  • Water-based additive

A fog machine produces various types of vapor from a light mist to a rolling fog. They're commonly used in the entertainment industry to provide a desired ambience in film, plays and other public venues. The solutions used in fog machines are commonly known as "fog juice" and are commercially available. They also come in scented varieties to enhance a particular effect. You can make certain types of scented fog juice at home with scented additives.

Step 1

Use distilled water from a grocery store or drug store. Fog juice must be made of distilled water because ordinary water has mineral deposits that will clog the fog machine and eventually damage it.

Step 2

Make fog juice with glycerin from a drug store. Make sure the product is pure glycerin with no substitutes or additives. Some glycerin-based products contain sorbitol, which will burn when the fog machine heats it.

Step 3

Specify the type of fog that the solution will produce by controlling the amount of glycerin in the fog juice. A 5 percent solution of glycerin will make a light haze, a 10 percent solution produces a medium haze and a 15 percent solution will make a heavy haze.

Step 4

Add the specified amount of scent according to the instructions. Scented additives are highly concentrated and are typically added in very small amounts. You should use a commercial additive made specifically for fog juice if possible. If you use some other additive, you will need to ensure that it has a water base and no additional ingredients.

Step 5

Pour the desired amount of glycerin and scented additive into a clean, plastic container and add the correct amount of distilled water. Close the container securely and shake it vigorously to mix the ingredients.