How to Light a Propane Refrigerator

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RV refrigerators are designed to operate on either electricity or propane gas. Propane operation offers the advantage of refrigerator operation when no electricity is available or you wish to conserve battery power in your RV. While many modern RV refrigerators can switch power sources automatically, some older models require you to go through the process of lighting the refrigerator.


Step 1

Locate the propane/electric switch on your RV's refrigerator. This is usually located on a panel on the top edge of the refrigerator, although in some models you may find it at the bottom.

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Step 2

Set the switch to "propane." The switch may be a dial type switch that you turn from one setting to another or it may be a button that is pushed to activate the propane refrigeration system.

Step 3

Push in and hold the button labeled "push to start." This will be located near or next to the propane/electric switch.

Step 4

While holding in the button, press the "ignitor" button. Look into the viewing window or prism on the control panel for a flame. Press the ignitor again if you don't get a flame the first time. When you see the flame, continue holding in on the "push to start" button for 30 seconds, then release. Check to be sure the flame is still burning--if it isn't, repeat the process.


Be sure the propane source going to your refrigerator is open before attempting to light the refrigerator.

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