How To Make Wrist Watches

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Things You'll Need

  • Watch strap pins

  • Watch band material (leather, cloth, ribbon)

  • Small buckle

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Watch face

  • Tweezers

  • Fabric glue (if needed)

Wrist watches speak volumes about you.

The wrist watch, while it may seem an antiquated accessory, remains the telltale sign of a person's style and status. Highly visible without being overwhelmingly obvious, it is a subtle statement of your individuality. You can make wrist watches using any number of fashionable watch faces available at craft stores and your own imagination.


Step 1

Wrap your watch band material around the wrist you plan on wearing your watch so the material has a 2-inch overlap. Remove the band from your wrist and cut off the extra material.

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Step 2

Fold your watch band material in half lengthwise, slide the material so that one end is 2 inches longer than the other, and cut the band where the material is folded. You should have two pieces now, one 2 inches longer than the other.

Step 3

Use one watch pin on each section of band

Place a watch pin across the edge of one end of one of your watch band pieces, fold the material over the watch pin and sew it down to the main band so the watch pin is now held snugly in the fold of the material. Repeat this step to place the other pin in the other watch band piece.


Step 4

Take your buckle and place it on the end of your shorter watch band piece (the end that does not have the pin sewn in), fold the material over the end of the buckle and sew it, just as you did for the watch pin, so one end of the buckle is firmly attached to the watch band.

Step 5

With a thick needle, pierce the end of the longer watch band piece (that does not have the watch pin sewn in) five times, spacing the holes 1/4 inch apart. This are the holes the buckle pin will pass through.


Step 6

Hold your watch dial with one hand and line up the watch pin in one of the band pieces with the holder molded into the casing of your dial. The watch pin is made of two parts that will compress so you can fit the pin into position. Put one end of the pin in place and, using tweezers, press down the other end of the pin and push it into place. Remove your tweezers and the pin will expand and lock into position. Repeat this with your other watch band piece to finish making your wrist watch.


If you are using fabric as watch band material, use glue instead of a needle and thread to close the folds around the pin and buckle to speed up the process of making a watch band.


Watch pins are very small, so work in a well-lit area on a cloth surface so you do not lose them.


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