How to Make a Child's Chef Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • White poster board

  • White tissue paper

  • Tape

  • Paper clips

Great hat for the smallest foodie of the house

This paper chef's hat craft is easy, no-sew and will help the littlest foodie of the house look and feel the part.


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Step 1

Begin to make your hat by folding in half the long way, 3 sheets of 10- by 12-inch white tissue paper.

Step 2

Next gather and tape one of the short sides of each sheet along the with a strip of white poster board (26" x 3.5"), overlapping the sheets slightly. Optional: Double sided tape may be used between the edges of the overlapped sheets so that they will not separate when puffed up.


Step 3

Next curl the poster board band tape side out, place it around a child's head, and paper clip the ends. Gather the tissue at the top, taping it tightly together and cutting off any excess tissue. Remove the paper clips, turn right-side out, re-attach the paper clips, puff out the tissue and get cookin' good lookin'.


Double sided tape is useful for keeping tissue from parting You can enlarge the tissue paper if you would like a larger or taller hat.