How to Set a D-Con Mousetrap

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A quick flash of gray that you catch from the corner of your eye. Was that a mouse? Telltale droppings inside a cupboard. The scraping of little feet inside the wall. Mice are not a welcome addition to any home and getting rid of them has never been easier with the lineup of traps available from d-Con. With just a couple quick steps, you can set any one of the four models d-Con currently has out on the market.


Step 1

Set the "No View, No Touch" mousetrap. Turn the trap over and pull back adhesive to reveal bait location. Smear peanut butter or cheese into bait spot and replace adhesive. Flip trap right-side up. Hold the mouse trap, which is round in shape, in one hand and twist the top of it in a clockwise motion. The trap will click when it is set and a red indicator will show on the top of the trap. The front of the "No View" mouse trap will now feature a hole for mice to enter.


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Step 2

Set the "Wood Snap" trap. Smear bait, such as cheese or peanut butter, on the trigger of the trap. Pull back the metal bow and hold down with your thumb while engaging the locking bar under the curved section of the trigger to set. This is best done in the location where you'd like to set the trap, but if the trap must be moved while set, do so with caution.


Step 3

Set the covered "Ultra Set" mousetrap. Bait the trap by lifting the cover and placing bait inside the small round cup, then close the cover. Place the trap where you want to set it. Pull the lever, which is sticking out of the top of the cover, all the way down, then slowly lift back up. The lever will lock into place and the trap is set.


Step 4

Set the "Quick Kill Glue" trap. Place the trap where you want to set it, with the curved side facing away from the wall. To set the trap, lift the lever, which is located near the bottom of the curved side, up from the "unset" to the "set" position. The trap is now set.


Using multiple traps is better than just one or two around the house. Mice won't always visit the same section of your home each night. Instead of waiting for them to do so and wander through the house, prepare a trap for them anywhere you can find evidence of mouse traffic.


Be careful when setting a mousetrap. While none of them are powerful enough to sever a finger, they will cause quite a sting if they release and catch you.



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