How to Make a Sticky Note Ninja Star

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The ninja star's origin is shrouded in mystery. The ninja star, or the Shuriken, is thought to be from second-century Japan. The art of throwing originally involved long needles and nails. When the skill migrated to China, more varieties of shapes of the blades appeared. The throwing of the star is a mysterious art. The blades are made to fit in the hand and to be thrown unexpectedly. Today, many are fascinated with the ninja star. Take simple sticky notes from your desk drawer and make your own ninja star.


Step 1

Lay one note with the sticky side down.


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Step 2

Fold the note in half horizontally with the sticky side out. Crease the note.


Step 3

Open the note, and flatten it. Fold the top two corners in, and crease them as if you were folding a paper airplane (the sticky part of the note is now covered).


Step 4

Fold the left side to the bottom, and crease it. The square is now divided diagonally from the corner to the center of the note. Do the same for the right side.


Step 5

The note should now look like this.



Step 6

Collapse the paper into itself with the valley you just created.


Step 7

Flatten the note into a rhombus shape, and crease the edges.


Step 8

Repeat Steps 1-7 with the seven remaining notes.

Step 9

Take the pointed end of one note, and insert into the valley of a second note. The two points of the end should hang over the inserted note.


Step 10

Fold tabs into the valley of the note, and crease them.

Step 11

Push the interlocked notes flat, and crease them.

Step 12

Repeat Steps 9-11 with the remaining pieces, forming a circle.

Step 13

Push in the sides until the star is complete.


Sticky notes do not have to be used. A piece of square paper that is approximately that size will work just as well. Mix and match different types, colors and sizes of paper. The bigger the paper, the bigger the star will be.


Do not throw near the eyes.


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