How to Make a DIY Banana Costume

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Are you feeling fruity or looking for a fun Halloween costume that's easy to make and that works well for adults or little ones? This Halloween, try going as a bunch of bananas. It's a costume that looks intricate when it's finished, but it is actually not that difficult to put together. You might have to dye some old white sheets yellow to get the bright, vibrant banana yellow you're looking for.


Also, you'll need to be handy with some fabric glue or a sewing machine to sew up a few seams in this tutorial. The "going bananas" DIY banana costume is a great look, especially if you go to a Halloween party with someone dressed as a monkey.

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 queen-size flat yellow sheets

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue or sewing machine

  • 3 bags of cotton batting

  • Pencil

  • 2 green pillowcases

  • Tape measure

  • Safety pins

  • Green or black leotard and tights

How To Make The Banana Costume

1. Fold the Sheets

Fold the first sheet in half and cut out approximately 15 crescent shapes (to look like bananas). Make each one about 24 inches long for an adult costume. Repeat with the second sheet.


2. Secure the sides of the bananas

Sew or glue around the sides of each banana, leaving the top end open. Turn the bananas inside out. Stuff them with cotton batting. Sew or glue the top section of each banana closed. Now, you have a bunch of squishy bananas.


3. Draw the circles

Draw a circle the diameter of your neck (a 12-inch diameter should work for most adults) in the center of one of the green pillowcases to simulate a collar of leaves. Draw another circle about 2 inches around the first circle. Draw spiky leaves around the outer circle—they will look like triangles.


3. Cut and sew the costume

Cut out the inside of the inner circle and along the outside of the leaves, cutting through both sides of the fabric at once. Sew up the edges, leaving a 4-inch section open. Turn the collar inside out and stuff it with cotton batting. Sew the opening shut. When you get dressed in your costume, you'll place it around your neck and secure it with a safety pin.


4. Cut the head hole

Cut through the stitching and up the sides of the other green pillowcase, starting at the open end. At the closed end of the pillowcase, cut a hole big enough to fit your head through. This fits over your torso and under your collar.


5. Attach the banana to make a bunch

Use safety pins to attach each banana to the front and back of the torso pillowcase. Attach the bananas facing the curved sides inward so the bananas lie together in a bunch. Start with five bananas on the top row. Attach four in a row underneath, then three, then two and then one at the very bottom. If you have more bananas, add more but angle them heavy at the top, tapering down to one banana at the bottom.


The finishing touches for your DIY bunch of bananas

Put on your green or black leotard and tights and then your bunch of bananas. Put the collar on last. You are officially fruit.


Make the bananas 12 inches long for a kid’s costume.

Food costumes are insane fun. Whether you’re a single piece of Chiquita fruit or you’re teaming up with your posse as bunches of bananas in a couples costume or group costume, this DIY Halloween costume is always a hit.

Halloween costume ideas for trick-or-treating groups can include other fruit costumes as well as special, fun foods, such as ice cream and cake.



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