How to Make Colored Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Assorted Food Coloring

  • Water

  • Paper

  • Container slightly larger than the paper

  • Paper towels

Make colored paper in any color you want with only a few simple ingredients. When you make your own colored paper, it can be designed specifically to match any color, theme or design. You can use this paper for anything including scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts or just to send a note to family or friends.

Step 1

Make the dye in a container slightly larger than the paper you have chosen to use by following the directions on the food coloring package.

Step 2

Lay the paper flat into the dye. Leave it in for a minute or two for a light tint or leave the paper in the dye longer to produce a darker, more rich color.

Step 3

Remove the paper from the dye and lay it flat onto paper towels, which will absorb the excess water.

Step 4

Let paper dry completely.

To Make Multi-Colored Paper

Step 1

Make the dye as directed above.

Step 2

Fold the paper into a basic fold, either vertically or horizontally.

Step 3

Dip a corner or one side of the folded paper into the dye. Allow the color to soak into the paper to where you want it. Blot the wet paper onto paper towels to remove excess water.

Step 4

Flip the paper over and dip a new corner or side into a different color dye. Continue doing this until your paper is as colorful as you would like.

Step 5

Allow the paper to dry laying flat on paper towels.