How to Make a Wig Out of Yarn and Pantyhose

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Things You'll Need

  • Old ripped pantyhose

  • Yarn

  • Needle with a large eye

  • Scissors

If you want to dress up as a doll or a cartoon character for Halloween, a yarn wig is a great accent. An old pair of pantyhose or tights, especially one with a tight weave, is the perfect base for this wacky wig.

Step 1

Cut off the legs of your pantyhose or tights. Stitch the leg holes closed with thread or yarn. Once completed, you should be able to pull the waistline over your hairline and have something resembling a skullcap.


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Step 2

Thread a piece of yarn onto a needle. Do not tie the end of the string as you would when sewing a regular stitch. The yarn should be double the length that you want your wig to be. In fact, adding a few inches onto to that isn't a bad idea — you can always cut off any excess when you finish the wig.


Step 3

Start anywhere on the outside of the cap. Thread your yarn through the cap from outside to inside. Once the yarn is about halfway through the cap, push the needle back up through the cap close to where you started. You should have two strands of yarn sticking out of the top of the cap when you are done. If you wish, you can tie the two strands together in a loose knot to make sure that the yarn does not fall out as you are finishing the rest of the wig.


Step 4

Continue to add strands until the entire cap is filled with yarn and it looks like a wig. You can try it on when you are done and cut the wig to add shape. You may want to add bangs or pin up a side. The yarn can also be braided. If you want a curly, messy look, unravel some of the yarn.


Thread all of your strands in a line down the center of the cap to create a center part. This looks especially good if your wig will be gathered into pigtails.



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