How to Use a Colorless Blender

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Things You'll Need

  • Markers, colored pencils

  • Art paper

  • Scratch paper

When you first get a colorless blender, its use might escape you. These seem like colored pencils, pens or markers without pigment added. These are not colors themselves, but they are used to create several effects in your art. If you have never used a colorless blender, you will be surprised at the difference it can make in your work.


Step 1

Put scratch paper under your drawing paper. Draw a design with colored pencils or markers and color it in.

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Step 2

Place the colorless blender in the center of the design and push outward to the edge of the filled in area. This will lighten the center of the filled in area by pushing the color outward. Avoid crossing the edge lines.


Step 3

Touch the end of the colorless blender to the end of a colored marker. Draw with the colorless blender on the art paper. The color will be much lighter than the original color. Notice that the color is darkest when you first put the colorless blender on the page. Choose your spot so that you begin to color at the darkest portion of the design.


Step 4

Clean the colorless blender before using another color by drawing with the colorless blender on scratch paper or wiping it with a paper towel until the color is gone.

Step 5

Combine colors at junctions with the colorless blender by coloring in the area. The result will be a smoother color transition.



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