How to Use a Buttoneer

If you are tired of straining your vision while trying to thread a needle or pricking your finger while you attempt to sew a button on, consider using the Buttoneer. This button-fastening apparatus is said to significantly speed up and facilitate the process of attaching buttons to clothing. The Buttoneer is recommended for travelers, craft enthusiasts and anyone, regardless of age, for whom sewing is not a forte.

Use a Buttoneer

Things You'll Need

  • Buttoneer

  • Button

  • Fabric/clothing

Step 1

Insert the fastener into the slot.

Step 2

Pull on the plunger until the fastener clicks into place.

Step 3

Slide the needles through the holes on the button. Press the needles against the fabric, and push until they puncture the fabric.

Step 4

Pull the plunger toward you to attach the button.

Step 5

Detach the Buttoneer from the fabric.


Use the Buttoner to embellish craft projects with buttons. A Buttoneer can provide a quick fix when you do not have time to professionally hem a pair of pants or skirt.