How to Laminate Almost Any Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Laminating machine

  • Laminating film

Laminating a document, newspaper article and other paper items will seal them within the laminate. The coating will protect the paper from wear, moisture and other elements that can cause the paper to degrade. The process of laminating a flat sheet of paper is simple.


Step 1

Turn on the laminating machine to allow it to heat up. Set the machine to the thickness of laminating film you are using.

Step 2

Open up the laminating film, and place the paper you're laminating between the two sides of the film. Close the laminating film, making sure that it lies smoothly on the paper being laminated.

Step 3

Feed the laminating film into the machine with the sealed end first. If the film comes out with any spots that look like they did not seal, the machine is a little cool. Run the film through again, and it should seal properly.

Step 4

Let the newly laminated sheet cool completely. Trim the excess from the laminating sheet.