How to Transplant Vinca Minor

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Things You'll Need

  • Small garden trowel

  • Organic matter soil amendments

Vinca minor, more commonly known a Periwinkle, is a flowering perennial with glossy green leaves. It has blooms ranging in shade from pale lavender-blue to deep purple-blue. Vinca grows by sending off training shoots that root themselves as they come in contact with the soil. Because of its hardy habit, Vinca minor is often used in large-scale planting patterns as a matting ground cover.

Step 1

Untangle the vines of the Vinca from the surrounding plants and identify the root ball area of the individual plant you wish to transplant.

Step 2

Define and dig out a perimeter around each rooted Vinca plant at least five inches from the main root stem.

Step 3

Slide the trowel down at least seven inches and tilt the trowel under the root ball, lifting gently to loosen the roots. Work in a circle carefully to lift out the Vinca plant and its main roots.

Step 4

Loosen and amend the soil in the transplant location with organic material and nutrients. Dig a hole with your garden trowel at least three inches wider and two inches deeper than the root ball.

Step 5

Place the Vinca minor plant in the hole, back-filling soil so that the top of the root ball where it meets the stem is level with the top of the soil. Water it well and add soil where any air pockets may have collapsed.


Replant Vinca minor well before the first frost in your area or well after the last frost in spring when the ground is completely thawed.

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