How to Use a Doweling Jig

A wide-capacity economy jig.
A wide-capacity economy jig. (Image: Woodcraft Supply, LLC;

A doweling jig helps you drill a straight hole in a precise location, as when you are doweling two or more pieces of wood together. It is also helpful if you simply need to drill a straight hole into a piece of wood. Doweling jigs are handy for many woodworking projects, including building face frames for cabinets and bookcases, or legs and foot rests for a bar stool.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • Wood clamp
  • Masking tape

Video of the Day

Butt the wood pieces together and clamp them so they do not move. Mark the wood where the dowels will be inserted with a pencil. The pencil mark should span the joint so both pieces of wood are marked in the same place, and the holes will line up when they are joined together with a dowel.

Remove the clamp from the wood. Place the doweling jig on the wood. Line the mark with the desired hole diameter by the mark on the wood.

Place the drill bit into the drill and tighten the chuck around the drill bit. Place a piece of tape around the bit to mark the depth limit of the hole you are drilling (optional). Drill the hole. Remove the doweling jig.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each hole that needs to be drilled.


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