How to Thread the Sewing Genie

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Things You'll Need

  • Spool of thread

  • Wound bobbin

Thread the Sewing Genie

The Sewing Genie is a handy tool that is unlike traditional sewing machines because it is lightweight and compact. However, it is also very unlike traditional sewing machines because it is not very intuitive on how to thread it. The instruction manual might be somewhat unclear, but once you get used to threading it you can use it for any simple craft project. Because the Sewing Genie is so easy to carry, you can take it anywhere for sewing projects on the go.


Step 1

Unwind your bobbin approximately 3 inches. Drop the bobbin into the bobbin case on the bottom of your machine.

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Step 2

Pull your bobbin thread into the notch and under the tension spring. Then slide your bobbin thread back into the slot.


Step 3

Keep 2 to 3 inches of bobbin thread drawn, then slide your plate closed leaving your thread hanging out of the bobbin case.

Step 4

Raise the needle up as high as it can go by turning the hand wheel toward you.


Step 5

Slide your spool of thread onto the top spool pin.

Step 6

Pull your length of thread through the threading points indicated on the machine.


Step 7

Pull approximately 2 to 3 inches of thread through your needle.


Step 8

Hold your excess needle thread with your thumb and pointer finger .Slowly twist the hand wheel toward you until the needle drops down beneath the needle plate.

Step 9

Keep turning your hand wheel until your needle raises up from beneath the needle plate again. Keep holding your needle thread tightly until your bobbin thread emerges in a loop.

Step 10

Pull the loop open and place with your thread from the needle under the presser foot of your Sewing Genie.




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