How to Use Sheets as Furniture Covers

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat sheet

  • Safety pins

  • Upholstery pins

  • Old newspapers or magazines

Use Sheets as Furniture Covers

Using sheets as covers is a cheap way to bring new life to old furniture. This technique is useful for covering up stains or tears as well as updating the look of a room. It can also help to temporarily protect nicer furniture from being damaged, such as by pets or young children. Making your own slipcover is less expensive than buying one, and it's certainly cheaper than buying a new living room set.


Step 1

Choose flat sheets that match the rest of your decor and are the proper size to cover the furniture. Chairs can usually be covered with twin-size sheets, while love seats and sofas require full-size or bigger. If the sheet is new, you may want to wash it before use in case it shrinks. This will also make it softer.


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Step 2

Drape the sheet over the furniture and tuck it in. Make sure that it is indeed large enough to cover the piece with fabric left over for pinning. If the sheet has a pattern on it, pay attention to lining it up straight on the furniture.

Step 3

Use safety pins or upholstery pins to attach the sheet directly to the chair or sofa. They should be placed in hidden spots, starting underneath the front of the furniture. Work your way up and over the furniture, securing with pins in the crevice behind the cushions and under the back of the furniture. Pull the sheet somewhat tightly as you go to get a snug fit.


Step 4

Finish pinning on the sides in any hidden spots around the arms of the furniture and underneath on the bottoms. Play with the sheet to get it to look the way you want it to. If there is extra sheet fabric on the sides, you might choose to fold it under and pin it.

Step 5

Roll up old magazines or newspapers and stuff them in the deep cracks around the cushions. This will help prevent the sheet from moving around when people are using the furniture.


Unique and inexpensive sheets can be found at thrift stores if you're on a strict budget.

Try using two different sheets for a more unusual look or if one sheet isn't large enough. You can place one sheet over the body of the furniture and use the second to cover cushions, or use different patterns for the top and bottom halves of the furniture.


Don't pin a thin sheet so tightly that the fabric might rip. Use the magazine or newspaper trick to help hold it in place instead.

Don't obsess about making your cover look perfect. This is a shabby chic look, so it's OK if it appears a little bit "messy."


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