How to Make Tabi (Split-Toe) Socks from Regular Socks

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 pair regular socks

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Sewing needle

  • Thread

Tabi socks, also known as split-toe socks, have a separate space for the big toe. The space allows a person to wear the socks with thong-style sandals. This style of footwear comes from traditional Japanese culture. Geishas wear the socks with a style of elevated flip-flops called "geta." Tabi socks are also worn by Japanese martial arts practitioners, dancers, drummers and actors. Sewing a pair of tabi socks from regular socks lets you craft your own comfortable, inexpensive footwear.


Step 1

Put both socks on your feet. Spread your toes slightly apart.

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Step 2

Use the measuring tape to measure the vertical slit you want to make between your big toe and pointer toe. The slit should start at the end of the sock and go inward into the space between your toes. Mark the line with your pencil.

Step 3

Remove the socks from your feet. Cut along the marked lines, cutting through both the top and bottom layers of each sock. The sock's toe and top portion should now be divided into two sections.

Step 4

Turn the socks inside out. Use the needle and thread to sew a straight stitch along the cut edges. Make the stitches small and only a short distance apart to assure there are no gaps in your sewing. Turn the sock right-side out when you are finished sewing.


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