How to Build a Wagon Wheel Light

Wagon Wheel Light
Wagon Wheel Light (Image: freerangestock)

Wagon wheels are a picture of a past. Recycling old wagon wheels is popular, and one of the most common ways to reuse them is to make a chandelier-style wagon wheel light. Pre-made wagon wheel chandeliers can be expensive, but you can make one at a fraction of the cost.

Things You'll Need

  • Wagon wheel
  • Mason jars (6 to 8)
  • Lamp retainers (6 to 8)
  • Lamp adapters (6 to 8)
  • Hurricane lamp globes (6 to 8)
  • Heavy-duty chain (25 to 30 feet)
  • Ceiling hook
  • Chain S hooks
  • Extension cords
  • Light bulbs (60-watts)

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Determine how many Mason jar lights will be on the wagon wheel and purchase all materials. The Mason jars will be adapted as lights or lamps on top of the wagon wheel.

Lay the wagon wheel down on a working spot. Position the Mason jars on top of the wagon wheel and at the end of a spoke of the wheel on the rim edge. This is where the Mason jars will sit when the project is complete. Mark this spot for the next step.

Wagon Wheels
Wagon Wheels

Attach the lamp retainers with screws into the top of the wheel, and through the slot in the middle of the retainer at the spot where the Mason jars were sitting. Fold the metal tabs of the retainer down over each side of the wheel rim. This is the holder for the Mason jars when finished.

Lamp Retainers
Lamp Retainers

Attach the lamp adapters to the top of each Mason jar. This screws onto the open top of the Mason jar for the light bulb.

Jar Lamp Adapter
Jar Lamp Adapter

Hook the S hooks next to each jar on the rim of the wheel. These will hold the chain.

Hooks and Chain
Hooks and Chain

Attach the ceiling hook to the ceiling according to package directions. Once the ceiling hook is in place, determine how low the wagon wheel will hang. Cut chain at this length for as many lights that are on the wagon wheel.

Ceiling Hook
Ceiling Hook

Attach one end of each chain to the S hook and the other end to the hook in the ceiling. You will need help holding the wagon wheel in place. Make sure the wheel is hanging level. If not, adjust the level by the chain at the ceiling by moving links up or down as needed on the ceiling hook. Once the wheel is level, set a Mason jar into each lamp retainer from Step 3, then screw a light bulb into the lamp adapter. Attach the hurricane globes into the brackets of each lamp adapter.

Thread the electrical cord through each chain . Plug each cord into the extension cord. Thread the extension cord across the ceiling to the wall, and plug in.


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