How to Make A Man's Masquerade Mask

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft knife

  • Pencil

  • Rubber band

  • Ribbons in assorted colors

  • Contact board in desired color

  • Sequins, jewels, feathers, glitter and other embellishments

  • Lace

  • Craft glue

Use your creativity to fashion a masquerade mask.

Attending a masquerade party or ball requires proper costume. Creating a man's masquerade mask is not difficult and it can be personalized in dozens of ways using color, embellishments and designs.


Step 1

Decide what color masquerade mask to make. You can find different colors of contact board, from white and black, to red or gold. Use the ruler to measure out a nine-to ten-inch portion of the contact board, marking the end points of the measurement. These are the ends of the mask.

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Step 2

Measure 2 inches above and below each of these end marks. Then, move the ruler 3 inches toward the inside. Make a mark on the top and bottom of these measurements on either side. These represent the thickest points of the masquerade mask, and the holes for the eyes will be between these marks. Now there should be six marks on the contact board.

Step 3

Take the ruler and set it on a set of the inside marks you just made. Move the ruler over 2.5 inches toward the middle, then measure down one inch and make a mark. Then, measure down from this mark two more inches and make a mark. These are the points that will be the smallest part of the masquerade mask, which lays over the bridge of the nose.


Step 4

Look at the contact board. There should be eight marks total that create the outline of a masquerade mask. Next, take the pencil and, starting at the furthest left point that is the end of the mask, draw a straight line up to the top point, then curve it around to the middle point, then curve it back up to the top right point. Continue this process around the entire mask. It is almost as if you are connecting the dots to create a mask.


Step 5

Cut out the mask with a craft knife, curving around the edges. You do not want them to be completely straight, as you want a flow to the shape of the mask.

Step 6

Use the pencil to draw the holes for eyes when the mask is cut out. Position the eyes so they are directly between the two points that create the thickest part of the mask. Draw them 1 1/2 inches tall and wide. Cut them out with the craft knife.


Step 7

Use the craft knife to cut a tiny hole in the far left edge of the mask, and the far right one. This is where the rubber band, or ribbon, is going to tie so it can be worn around the face. Cut a rubber band in one place, then tie one end through the hole, and into a knot. Repeat with the other side. If using ribbon, cut two equal lengths of ribbon and tie each around one of the holes.


Step 8

Decorate as desired. Line the eye holes, the entire outside edge, or both, with craft glue and adorn with jewels, sequins, glitter or whatever else you have chosen. Attach a single feather on one side of the mask. Cover the mask in lace so the contact board color just shows through. There are many ways you can decorate the mask. Give it your own personalized touch with a creative design. You can also draw designs on the mask and paint them in. Let dry.


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