How to Waterproof UGG Boots

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There are ways to waterproof your Ugg boots.
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They may look "UGGly," but the warmth and comfort of UGG boots is a given, at least when they were made with their original manufacturing protocols. Made of sheepskin and suede and lined with a deep layer of fleece, this originally "Made in Australia" foot warmer became an international celebrity, having warmed the hearts and feet of everyone from surfers to models to high-altitude trekkers.


Though warm, they weren't waterproof. Products geared toward waterproofing UGG-clad feet and keeping them dry in rain, sleet and snow were offered by UGG, with generic products soon on the market.

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Preparing UGGs for Waterproofing

After several wearings, the UGG's outer suede may pick up dirt or stains. They need to be cleaned immediately before the dirt or stain sets. A good rule of thumb is to keep a suede brush near where you store the boots and brush them as soon as you take them off. A suede brush efficiently cleans the suede, which is more easily stained by water than its reverse side of leather.


Gently brush the dry boots in one direction with the brush until the stain or spot lifts. If it is stubborn, brush in both directions until the stain disappears. A vigorous brushing shouldn't damage the suede. The boots are now ready for waterproofing.

Waterproof UGG Boots

The best time to waterproof UGG boots is when they are fresh out of the box. If you have already passed that point, clean them and proceed to the waterproofing. Always start with dry boots. You will need:


  • Tape
  • Suede brush
  • Newspaper
  • Repellent made for water and stains
  1. Wrap any decoration on the boot with tape to prevent the repellent from discoloring it.

  2. Check the boots for any lingering stains and brush them out.

  3. Once they are ready to be waterproofed, put the boots on the newspaper and spray the repellent over the entire boot

    from a distance of about 8 inches.

  4. Be sure all the suede is damp from the spray. Don't overspray and soak the boot.

  5. Let the boots dry in a well-ventilated spot

overnight. Avoid direct sunlight.

  1. Brush with the suede brush to bring up the nap and return the boot to its original look.


New "UGGvancements" in Manufacturing

After receiving so many complaints about UGG boots and wet feet, UGG redesigned the original Classic boot and is introducing the Classic II sheepskin and suede boot with built-in waterproofing. That's the good news. The bad news is that the waterproofing only lasts for about six months before it's time to waterproof your UGGs again. UGG customers need to be proactive in their maintenance and care of the boots by cleaning them with a suede brush after every wearing.


Commercial services dedicated to cleaning sheepskin and suede, online videos and even the manufacturer's own suite of cleaning and waterproofing products have all been introduced to help maintain the look of UGG boots. You can avoid the expense of commercially run cleaners by doing it yourself and restoring your UGG boots to their warm, cozy and waterproof state.



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