How to Make a Cardboard Igloo

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Things You'll Need

  • Big piece of cardboard

  • Deep disposable serving bowl or deep round baking tin

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Tape

  • Empty roll of toilet paper

  • Marking Pen

  • White Paint

  • Paint Brush

It is quite easy to maker a cardboard igloo using supplies you have at home.

Making a homemade cardboard igloo is a great craft for students or your children. It is also a great way to teach children about types of shelter and Eskimos. You can also use it as a homemade doll house to teach your kids make believe.


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Read the steps below to find out how to make your own cardboard igloo.

Step 1

Take a deep disposable bowl or deep round baking tin. Make sure it is made out of a material that you can cut. Do not use thick plastic that will crack if you attempt to cut it.


The bowl will be the base of the homemade igloo.

Step 2

Take an empty toilet paper roll and cut it lengthwise all the way across so that you have a long semi circle. This will be the door entry area of the homemade cardboard igloo.


Step 3

Take the igloo door and place it along the base of the large bowl. Mark the bowl with a permanent market along where the door meets the bowl. Cut out that section of the bowl.

Step 4

Place the toilet paper roll into the bowl so that it lies flat. Tape the inside of the bowl to the outside of the toilet paper roll.


Step 5

Cut the cardboard into squares. (Use larger squares for small children and smaller squares for older children.) Glue the squares all around the outside of the bowl.

Step 6

Paint the whole igloo with white paint.


If you do not want to use white paint, you can use white cardboard instead and just be sure to cover the bowl completely. You can also leave a few layers of white toilet paper on the toilet paper roll.