How to Make Stickers Sticky Again

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There are several ways to make a sticker sticky again.
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Children adore their colorful stickers, and they use them to illustrate books and cards and even wear them as rewards from doctors and dentists. Adults attach paper or vinyl stickers to windows, vehicles and household items. Even stamps come with an adhesive backing. All are subject to losing their ability to adhere, and they can be made sticky again.


Renewing Adhesive-Backed Stickers

Stamps, labels or any product made with an adhesive either on the front or back can be restored and made sticky again.

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  • Place a newspaper on a flat surface.

  • Spread out your stickers picture side down so that there is room between them.

  • Hold a can of spray adhesive over the stickers about 8 inches away from their surface.

  • Spray gently and evenly. Do not overspray.

  • Let them dry for 30 minutes.


Maintain the stickers by placing them on wax paper that has been gently sprayed with adhesive.

Restoring Small Stickers

Glue sticks and Gorilla Glue are good for restoring small stickers, such as stamps. If your target is a single sticker, roll the glue stick over the back of the sticker and then reapply it. Gorilla Glue has a stronger adhesive, so be careful when using it and be precise. You may even want to spread the glues over the target surface and then place the sticker on the applied glue.


Removing Stickers With Heat and Moisture

Removing stickers that are lifting from walls should be done carefully in order to keep the sticker intact and to avoid damaging the walls. Use a hair dryer and a sponge that is slightly damp and slowly blow the heat under the sticker while applying moisture to its surface. Lift the sticker from the wall. Once the sticker is dry, use spray adhesive or a glue stick to reapply the adhesive.


Restick a Sticker on Glass

Glass-adhered stickers do not use an adhesive but instead rely on static electricity to cling to a glass surface. If the sticker is curling at the edges, remove it from the glass. Uncurl the sticker and place it between two sheets of wax paper. Place a heavy weight such as a book over it and let it sit for up to 24 hours before reattaching.


What if Decorative Edging Is Lifting?

The decorative ceiling edging at the top of a wall or the lettering you applied to announce the name of your newborn can lift after a period of time just like wallpaper does. Use wallpaper paste to refresh the gluing properties of your design.


Troubleshooting Why Stickers Won’t Stick

If your stickers are lifting, look to the surfaces as a reason. Once you have carefully removed your sticker art, such as decorative wall elements, make sure the wall itself is clean and smooth. Stickers won't adhere to a rough surface. If decals are the problem, do not remove them. Instead, use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive and then flatten with a clean, dry cloth and heavy pressure.



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