How to Hook Up Christmas Lights to a Golf Cart Battery

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Things You'll Need

  • Golf cart with cigarette lighter

  • 12V LED Christmas lights

  • Power inverter (also called AC/DC power converter)

You can decorate your golf cart with Christmas lights to add a touch of festivity any time of the year. You will need to make a small investment in a vital part, but this piece can also be used to operate other things that need an electrical outlet in your car or golf cart. The next time you have a December golf game, connect some lights to the outside of your cart by following these steps.


Step 1

If your power inverter has a cigarette lighter plug, plug it into the golf cart's cigarette lighter. Plugging the inverter into the cigarette lighter will cause it to run off the battery without you having to do any wiring.

Step 2

If your power inverter only has two leads with clamps at the end, attach the red lead clamp to the negative (-) terminal on the battery and the black clamp onto the positive (+) terminal.

Step 3

Plug the Christmas lights into the outlet on the power inverter.

Step 4

Turn on the golf cart to power your Christmas lights. The lights will go out when you turn off the engine.


Do not attach more than 2 strands of LED Christmas lights to the battery. If you are using regular lights, limit yourself to one strand. This will prevent excess strain on your battery.