How to Bead on Tulle

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Things You'll Need

  • Tulle

  • Polyester thread

  • Beading needle (size 12)

  • Fray Check

  • Scissors

  • Size 11 seed beads

  • Size 11 bugle beads


If you are working with tulle for a veil or a costume, one thing that is often added to the tulle to add sparkle and interest is tiny beads. These small seed beads or bugle beads give tulle an additional pizazz that is very evident when the tulle is being worn. Learn how to bead on tulle properly, however, because if the beads are not attached correctly they will not stay adhered to the tulle. Once you learn the technique you can create many different beaded looks on tulle.


Step 1

Cut an 18-inch length of thread and thread the needle. Pull the thread through to have two 9-inch lengths of thread and make a simple knot at the end of the threads.

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Step 2

Push the needle up from underneath the tulle and place the first bead onto the needle.

Step 3

Slide the bead all the way down to rest on the surface of the tulle.

Step 4

Poke the needle back through to underneath the tulle.

Step 5

Tie two overhand knots directly underneath the bead under the tulle.


Step 6

Place a very small dot of Fray Check onto the knots. Let the Fray Check dry fully before proceeding.

Step 7

Cut the thread close to the knots after the Fray Check has completely dried.

Step 8

Sew more beads onto the tulle in the same fashion.


Always cut your threads between beads when sewing them onto tulle. Never continue the threads between multiple beads.


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