How to Make a String Cross Necklace

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Things You'll Need

  • Ball of string

  • Scissors

  • Liquid starch

  • Shallow container

  • Towel

Make a cross from string.

A cross is the universal symbol of Christianity, and a cross made from a simple material such as string exemplifies humility, one of the basic teachings of the religion. This cross is made by wrapping string around a person's hand, so the finished size will vary depending on the size of the hand. The cross pictured was wrapped around a woman's medium-size hand. It has a finished size of 2 1/2-by-3 1/2 inches. The size also will vary depending on the type of string you choose to use. This cross was made with cotton, package-weight string. A thinner string will make a small, delicate cross, while a thick, rough string will be much larger.


Step 1

Figure 1

Holding your hand horizontally, wrap string ten times around four fingers. See Figure 1.


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Step 2

Figure 2

Carefully slip the loops off your hand. Turn your hand so that your fingers are pointing upward. Reposition the loops so that the top of the loops rest on your middle finger. Hold the bottom of the loops in place with your thumb. Wrap the string ten times horizontally around three fingers. See Figure 2.


Step 3

Figure 3

With the loops still on your fingers, cut the string, leaving a 12-inch tail. Slip the end of the string between two fingers, from the back to the front. Cross over the area where the two sets of loops intersect. Put the string back through your fingers on the opposite side. Repeat to make a loose "X," which holds the loops in place temporarily. See. Figure 3.


Step 4

Slip the loops off your fingers. Wrap the tail of the string around the intersection of the loops two more times to make a tight "X." Locate the beginning of the string and tie this end to the end of the tail at the back of the cross. Clip ends. Straighten loops as needed.

Step 5

Pour a small amount of liquid starch into a shallow container. Dip the cross into the starch. Remove the cross, straighten loops again, and lay the cross on a towel to dry and stiffen.


Step 6

Figure 4

Cut a 32-inch length of string. Make a knot at one end. Slip the knotted end under the loops at the top of the cross. Pull the string through and then slip the knotted end of the string through the looped end of the string. See Figure 4. Pull tightly.


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