How to Use an Oster Rice Cooker

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Things You'll Need

  • Rice (any kind)

  • Water

  • Measuring cup included with rice cooker

  • Spatula included with rice cooker

The Oster rice cooker is a brand-name appliance that makes rice preparation easy. Unlike when you leave the cooking of rice up to your stove, you will get perfect results every time. Rice cookers all share the ability to detect when the rice is done, so no matter how much rice you make, you do not have to worry about setting a timer or turning anything off. The rice cooker will automatically shut off its cook mode when it detects that the rice is done. Once you master the use of your Oster rice cooker, rice will be a common, effortless side for all of your meals.


Step 1

With the rice cooker unplugged, add one cup of raw rice to the inner cooking pot for every two cups of cooked rice you want to make. Use the measuring cup included with the rice cooker and not a regular measuring cup. You need to put at least two cups of raw rice into the rice cooker for it to operate properly. This will make four cups cooked.

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Step 2

Add measuring cups of water in the following proportions based upon how much rice you put into the machine: two cups of rice need 4 1/2 cups of water GO four cups of rice need seven cups of water; add 8 1/2 cups of water for six cups of rice; eight cups of rice requires 9 3/4 cups of water; 10 cups of raw rice needs 10 2/3 cups of water; and 12 cups of rice needs 12 3/4 cups of water.


Step 3

Make sure that the inner cooking pot with the rice and water in it is properly placed inside the rice cooker so that the lid will completely shut. The cooking pot inside the rice maker must be in contact with the heating element. Twisting the inner pot will lock it into place. Plug in the rice cooker.


Step 4

Close the lid of the rice cooker and press the "On" button. Steam coming from the sides of the lid is normal and expected during cooking.

Step 5

After 15 minutes of cooking, carefully lift the lid to avoid the hot steam, and stir the rice with the spatula included with the rice cooker. Close the lid again and let the unit finish cooking. The red "cook" light should still be on.


Step 6

Wait for the red "Cook" light to go out and the yellow "Warm" light to come on. This means that the sensors have detected that the rice has finished cooking. The amount of time this takes will depend upon the amount and variety of rice used.

Step 7

Lift the lid carefully after cooking and serve the rice. The rice will be kept warm until the unit is unplugged. After use, always be sure to unplug the rice cooker.


You can use any type of rice you want in the Oster rice cooker--brown, wild, long grain, etc. The proportions of rice to water will remain the same, and the sensors will still detect when the rice is completely cooked, no matter what type of rice used.


When lifting the lid, watch out for escaping steam. It will be very hot.


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