How to Store a Carpet

Things You'll Need

  • Carpet

  • Fan (optional)

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Suitable storage area

  • Humidifier/dehumidifier (optional)

  • Bubble wrap

There are many reasons why you may need to store a carpet. Maybe you're holding onto floor covering for a future remodel, for example. Whatever the reason, you'll want the piece to look as new as the day you put it in storage. To achieve this, there are dos and don'ts you need to know.

Step 1

Unroll the carpet on a clean, dry floor. Inspect it to make sure it's completely dry and free from dirt. If the carpet is the least bit damp, you'll need to hang it up to dry. Turning a fan on it will help it dry quicker.

If there is dirt on the carpet, vacuum it clean before you store it.

Step 2

Place a line of bubble wrap on the pile across one of the short ends. This will help keep the carpet from becoming squashed once it's rolled up. Then, roll the bubble wrap up inside as you roll. Roll the carpet up so the pile is protected on the inside.

Step 3

Find a suitable storage area for the carpet. The best place will be in a cool, dry, ventilated place away from direct sunlight. You can use a humidifier/dehumidifier to raise/lower the humidity levels in the area, if need be.

Step 4

Store the carpet flat and up off the floor. If you store the carpet on one end, the weight of the carpet can crinkle or crease the end. Depending on the size and weight of the carpet, a sturdy shelf can work well.

Step 5

Keep the stored carpet free from dirt and pest infestation by cleaning and dusting the storage area on a regular basis.


To roll a large carpet up straight, get an assistant to help you with the task.


Store a damp carpet -- or worse yet, a wet carpet -- and mold and mildew will likely grow on it.

Try to avoid storing a carpet in places like damp basements or in hot attics. Never store a carpet inside plastic so it can't breathe and get air to it.

Never fold a carpet, roll it up instead. Folding will cause creases and can damage the pile or the underside.