How to Purchase Wax for Chocolate Candy Making

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You can purchase wax for your candy making at most supermarkets.

Many older candy recipes that use chocolate coatings often instruct readers to add paraffin wax when melting the chocolate to coat homemade candy. Only very small amounts of wax are used in these recipes. The wax will help thin the melted chocolate, allowing a thinner coating. The wax will also help provide a harder coating that will help retain moisture. In addition, the wax will give the candy coating a slightly shinier appearance. Although paraffin wax is common in candy recipes, it may not initially be easy to find and purchase.


Step 1

Go to your local large supermarket. This supermarket should carry canning supplies, such as masonry jars and pectin for making homemade preserves. Find the canning supplies in the market you choose. Find the paraffin wax, which should be located with the canning supplies. This wax will be food-grade and should be labeled as such. It's usually available in 1-lb. quantities.


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Step 2

Go to your local specialty baking shop or kitchen store if you cannot find paraffin wax in your supermarket. Find the candy-making supplies in your specialty store, and look for paraffin wax in that section.

Step 3

Purchase paraffin wax on the Internet if you cannot find any at any local stores that you check.


Nowadays, you can use candy melts to coat your candy instead of chocolate with paraffin wax added. Candy melts are available in baking supply stores and specialty food and kitchen stores. You can also substitute vegetable shortening for the paraffin wax; it will help thin the chocolate and give it a shiny coat, but it won't necessarily make it firmer.

Paraffin wax used in candy making can also be called parawax or baker's wax.


Not all wax is safe for consumption, even if it is labeled as paraffin wax, so always check the label to make sure you're buying the correct kind of wax.



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