How to Melt Paraffin Wax in the Microwave

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Melt your pariffin wax using your microwave.

Microwaving pariffin wax is not the preferred melting method because it is difficult to control the temperature of the wax and because of its tendency to catch fire. So if you brave the microwave route, stir the wax often and microwave on a low heat setting so you can have better control over the temperature that the wax reaches.


Step 1

Adjust the microwave power setting to 10 to 20 percent power.

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Step 2

Place a small amount of paraffin wax in a microwave safe dish. You can do more than one piece at a time, but the smaller the pieces the easier it will be to control the temperature the wax reaches.


Step 3

Microwave the wax for 15 seconds.

Step 4

Stir the wax with your wooden stirrer. Make sure that you try to distribute the heat evenly when you stir.

Step 5

Continue to microwave the wax for 15 seconds at a time, and stir between each heating until the wax is melted.


Pariffin wax is unpredictable when heating in the microwave. It is possible that the wax will catch fire. Do not touch the wax right after heating as it will be very hot.


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