How to Make Baby Powder Scented Candles

Fill your home with the sweet aroma of a new baby with baby powder-scented candles. But don't waste your money on candles from the store. Make your own for pennies, and choose any scent or color you want for your candle.

Things You'll Need

  • Candle wax

  • Baby powder fragrance oil

  • Candle coloring

  • Candle mold

Step 1

Melt the candle wax as directed on the packaging.

Step 2

Stir in the baby powder fragrance oil until the scent is as strong as desired.

Step 3

Add any coloring preferred.

Step 4

Place wicks into the molds as suggested for each mold.

Step 5

Pour the liquid candle wax into the candle molds.

Step 6

Allow the wax to harden for the recommended time.

Step 7

Remove the baby powder-scented candles from the molds.


Do not allow children to play with hot candle wax because it can cause severe burns.