How to Use a Rapida Pressure Cooker

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The Rapida pressure cooker is a brand of cookware, and it is used in a similar manner to many other pressure cookers. The benefit of owning one is that foods that would have taken hours of simmering on the stove can be made in just minutes with the pressure cooker. Meats cooked in it become tender and juicy, and pre-soaked dried beans do not require hours of boiling. Be sure to carefully follow the directions for any pressure cooker, since there are some slight differences between manufacturers.


Step 1

Add the food and liquid to the pressure cooker pot. The food should be covered with at least 1/2 cup liquid unless you will cook it for more than 10 minutes. In those instances, you must have at least 2 cups of liquid. Be sure that the food and liquid do not fill more than 2/3 of the pot.


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Step 2

Find the line on the lid of the pot and the line on the side of the pot and align them. Gently press the lid down and turn the handle to the left to lock it into place. The lid and the pot handle will be aligned.

Step 3

Push the lock on the handle toward the center of the pot lid. This locks the lid and allows pressure to build. The pressure cooker will not operate properly without being locked.


Step 4

Twist the dial on the pot lid to point to the picture of the pot. This is the cook setting and it will allow your pressure cooker to cook at 15 psi.

Step 5

Place the pressure cooker pot onto a stove burner over high heat, and wait for steam to come out of the valve.


Step 6

Turn the heat down to allow a steady stream of steam to come out of the pot. Begin timing the cooking from this point. Consult the cooking chart for the required time (see Resources).

Step 7

Remove the pressure cooker from the heat at the end of the cooking time.


Step 8

Cool the pressure cooker by using one of two methods: naturally or using a quick release. Check your cooking chart since some foods need to use the natural cooling method. For both methods, watch the yellow pressure indicator to drop, signaling that the pressure has dissipated.

Step 9

Leave the closed pot off of the heat until it has cooled enough to release the lid. This is the natural cooling method, and it can take up to 30 minutes.


Step 10

Place the pressure cooker in the sink and run under tepid water over the lid until the steaming stops and the pressure built up inside has dropped enough to allow you to pull off the lid. (See Warnings section for more concerns with the quick-release method.)

Step 11

Pull back the lock on the top of the handle, and twist the handle to the right before pulling it up off of the pot. Serve the food immediately.


Use at least 1/2 cup liquid, but avoid using oil. Wait for pressure to drop before opening the lid. Remain nearby during cooking. Do not let the steam come out too forcefully. Turn the heat down if this occurs until a the steam comes out in a steady stream. Use tepid, not cold water, for the quick release method, and refrain from putting the entire pot under water.



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