How to Make a Scrub Top

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Make a Scrub Top

If you have basic sewing skills, you can learn to make a scrub top that looks just like the ones doctors and nurses wear. You just need the right pattern, and then you can use your imagination to decorate it as you'd like and make it unique.


Things You'll Need

  • Scrubs pattern

  • Sewing machine

Step 1

Find a scrub top pattern. You can download or buy one--patterns do not usually cost more than a few dollars. If you know someone who already owns an appropriate pattern, perhaps you can borrow it from her. See Resources below for websites where you can look online for patterns.

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Step 2

Choose the fabric you would like to use for the scrubs. Get something soft and comfortable so it can be worn all day. Use a color that is commonly found on scrubs so you won't feel out of place. Feel free to use a shade that will make you look unique and feel fashionable even though you are dressed for work.


Step 3

Use the scrub top pattern to cut out appropriate shapes from the fabric. You should have six pieces--the front, with a V-neck; the back, with a classic circle neck; the front of each sleeve and the back the each sleeve.

Step 4

Connect all the pieces with your sewing machine. Starting with the front piece and back piece, place them inside out next to each other. Sew them together along the seams. When you turn the top right side out you'll see that the seams are nicely hidden on the inside.


Keeping the garment inside out for now, sew together the front and back of one sleeve and then the other. Then sew the two sleeves onto the main part of the garment.



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