How to Make a Rodeo Clown Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Oversize jeans, jean skirt or overalls

  • Kerchief

  • Plaid or tasseled shirt

  • Pillows

  • Suspenders

  • Cowboy boots

  • White, red and black face paint

  • Rubber clown nose

  • Eyeliner pencil

  • Tissue or makeup sponge

  • Clown wig

  • Cowboy hat

Rodeo clowns are an essential part of any rodeo. Clowns, with their outrageous garb and wacky antics, help protect fallen cowboys from harm by distracting bulls and horses for long enough to get the riders to safety. But you don't have to be anywhere near a rodeo to see rodeo clown attire. These costumes have become a staple at Halloween and at kids theme parties. You can make this outfit for a child or an adult. You don't need lots of over-the-top western wear, just a few basic pieces and some face paint.


Step 1

Stuff the shirt or overalls with pillows to exaggerate your size. Hold up oversize jeans with suspenders. Tie the kerchief around your neck.

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Step 2

Put on cowboy boots. Bright color boots are best, but not necessary.


Step 3

Apply face makeup. Cover your whole face in white paint, including your brows. Make a red circle on each cheek and exaggerated red lips. Add high-pointed brows using black face paint. Wear a rubber clown nose, or just make a red circle on your nose.

Step 4

Create freckles. Take a brown, red or black eyeliner pencil and dot freckles on your cheeks.


Step 5

Add "stubble" if you are a man. Dab a bit of black face paint onto a tissue or makeup sponge. Dab the dark makeup around the bearded area on your face.

Step 6

Wear a clown wig. Make sure it is colorful and bright and looks as fake as possible. You will be putting a hat on top of the wig, so get a wig that is not round, but falls flat against your head.

Step 7

Place a cowboy hat on your head.


If you're going to a party with someone else, have them dress up as the bull.

Practice acting like a proper rodeo clown by watching videos of real ones doing their act.

Add unique accessories that make the costume your own, such as wacky sunglasses or a hat representing your favorite sports team.