How to Wrap a Pillow for a Gift

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Things You'll Need

  • Gift tissue

  • Gift bag

  • Sturdy gift box

  • Recycled paper

  • Roll of gift ribbon

  • Gift bow

  • Attractive piece of cloth

  • Gift card

Learn how to gift wrap pillows.

Whether you are giving a small or a large pillow as a present, you may feel challenged when faced with the task of gift wrapping it. If the pillow is fluffy or irregularly shaped, you may feel especially tempted to give up on wrapping it yourself. Before heading to the gift wrapping counter, try these suggestions to give your present a more personal touch. You will discover that you can package your pillow attractively without having to struggle with wrapping paper.


Step 1

Lay down a piece of gift tissue. Put your small pillow in the center of the gift tissue, and gather the ends of the tissue together so that the pillow is snugly wrapped up inside. Place your present in a gift bag of the appropriate size so that the pillow fits perfectly inside and doesn't rattle around. Arrange the ends of the wrapping paper so that they fluff out of the gift bag attractively.


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Step 2

Find a sturdy box to hold a big pillow. Look for one in the right size to keep the pillow from shifting around. However, if you have one that is slightly bigger than necessary, you can still use it by stuffing it with wads of plain recycled paper. If the box looks appealing on its own, you may finish by encircling it with gift ribbon and topping it with a bow. Otherwise, wrap the box with the gift wrapping paper of your choice prior to tying ribbon around it.


Step 3

Try a less common, eco-friendly approach to gift wrapping whether your pillow is small, medium or large. Find an attractive piece of cloth to wrap your pillow with. Make the cloth part of the present--you can use a scarf or a shawl for a small to mid-size pillow, for instance, or a thin throw blanket for a larger pillow. Lay the cloth down, positioning the pillow in the center. Take two ends of the cloth that are across or diagonal from each other and knot them tightly over the pillow. Do the same with the two remaining ends, knotting twice if necessary (see Resources for a video). The pillow should now be enclosed securely within the piece of cloth.


Step 4

Write a dedication or short note to your recipient on a small gift card. Stick the card to your gift bag, box or cloth-swaddled pillow.


When using cloth to gift wrap a pillow, pick a fabric that isn't slippery and is fine enough to knot securely.




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