How to Make a Ribbon Award Bow

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Things You'll Need

  • 24 inches of 1 1/2"-wide blue ribbon

  • Glue gun

  • Glue sticks

  • Scissors

  • Gold adhesive stars for decorating, if desired

  • Gold glitter, if desired

  • Writing utensil, such as calligraphy black pen or marker

  • 1 yard of blue fabric to match the blue ribbon

This award ribbon only has three ribbons hanging down.

It is simple to create ribbon award bows for a variety of purposes, whether for an awards ceremony or a way to make someone's day and let them know they are special, such as naming your husband or father "The Best Dad Ever." It takes minimal supplies and time to create a simple ribbon award bow.


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Step 1

Cut a clean circle out of the blue fabric, 3 inches in diameter. This will be the base of the award ribbon.

Step 2

Take the 24 inches of blue ribbon and cut it evenly into four pieces, so each piece measures 6 inches. Place the tops of these ribbons in a group at the bottom of the blue fabric circle. The tops will be overlapping each other. Fan out the bottom of the ribbons to create a feathery effect.


Step 3

Glue with the hot glue gun each of the ribbon tops to the bottom of the blue circle, one at a time. Make sure the ribbon tops overlap so the ribbons fan out more easily at the bottom. For example, the ribbon on the left side should be laying out on a slight diagonal to the left, while the ribbon on the right side should be on a slight diagonal to the right, and the two in between should be laying downwards.


Step 4

Cut another blue circle out of the fabric. Create it so it is slightly smaller in circumference then the first blue circle. Glue this onto the first blue circle, over the tops of the overlapping ribbons. Cut another blue circle out of the fabric, slightly smaller in circumference then the last one. Glue it onto the second circle. Repeat this procedure with one more blue circle, which will be the smallest circle.


Step 5

Let the piece dry. The ribbon award should now appear as a collection of circle fabric to create depth, with ribbons hanging from the bottom. Cut out another thin strip of blue fabric, about inches long and 1/4 inch thick. Tie this into a bow. Dab a bit of hot glue on to the back of the bow and attach it right in the middle of the smallest blue circle.


Step 6

Use the scissors to trim the bottom of the hanging ribbons. Clip a small triangle out of the middle of each end.

Step 7

Decorate in the manner you desire. You can write a message or name on the ribbon, sprinkle gold glitter or stick gold stars to the award to make it more colorful and creative.


Experiment with numerous colors of ribbon and fabric, not just blue Craft stores have many additions to award ribbons and bows, so explore your local store for more decorations and embellishments


Always be cautious when working with hot glue guns.