How to Make a Paper Airplane That Will Fly Far

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Add a paper clip to your plane to help it fly farther.

Folding paper airplanes is an entertaining hobby. There are several different styles of paper airplanes that you can fold. Some styles will fly faster or have a loopy flight pattern, while others fold in a way that will make them get a lot of distance out of a single flight. Making a paper airplane that will fly far is useful for throwing in a competition or out a high-story window.


Step 1

Lay the paper down on a flat surface. A table or hardwood floor would work well.

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Step 2

Fold a piece of notebook paper in half with the height of the page. Crease the paper down the center. Open the paper so that it sits vertically.

Step 3

Fold the right corner toward the middle of the paper. The top of the paper should meet the middle crease. Repeat for the left side. The result looks similar to an arrow.


Step 4

Grab the right side of the paper again. Fold the top edge to the middle crease. Repeat for the left side of the paper. This should look similar to a triangle when finished.


Step 5

Turn the paper sideways. Fold the paper in half along the already-existing middle crease.


Step 6

Grab the paper on the bottom right side. Fold toward the top to make the first wing. Turn the paper airplane over and repeat this step for the other wing.


Add a paper clip to the front of the paper airplane to make it fly far. This will give the plane stability and weight.

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