How to Put on Chaps

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Things You'll Need

  • Chaps

  • Jeans or tight pants

Chaps are a type of clothing worn while horseback riding, wearing cowboy costumes, or during horse shows. They are typically made of leather or synthetic leather and are worn over jeans.
Chaps are worn to prevent riding sores and also to prevent legs from getting hurt or pants from getting torn while riding through tall bushes or otherwise rough terrain. They typically cover the entire leg from the belt to the boot.


Step 1

Put on tight jeans or other tight riding pants. The pants must fit tightly to be worn under chaps. Otherwise, the chaps won't fit properly and you may get riding sores.

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Step 2

Unzip the pant legs of both legs of the chaps. Unbuckle all buckles (usually a small buckle in front).


Step 3

Place the waistband around your waist and buckle the small buckle in front. Ensure that the waistband fits tightly around your waist. (An alternative method is to start with the pant legs and end by buckling the waist. See Resources below for this alternate method.)

Step 4

Align the zipper of the left pant leg of the chaps with the outside seam of your jeans/pants. Take the large flaps of material and pull them downward toward the floor.


Step 5

Wrap your left leg with the large flap of material on your left side. Wrap it around the front of your leg and pull it around toward the back (toward the zipper). That is, you will be wrapping across the front of your leg first, and then pulling around the back of your leg. The top of the material should be positioned at the top of your thigh and wrapped around just below your buttocks.


Step 6

Attach the zipper on your left leg by starting at the top. Zip downward.

Step 7

Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for your right leg.

Step 8

Do five to 10 squats and lunges. This will stretch out the chaps so they fit more comfortably.


To ensure proper fitting, place your hand between your jeans and the chaps on your thigh. You should be able to fit your hand in-between your chaps and jeans, but you should not be able to move your hand around and wiggle your fingers.



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