How to Make a Book Cover Out of Wrapping Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrapping paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Scotch tape

Book covered in wrapping paper

Whether paperback or hardcover, all books are susceptible to damage from regular wear and tear or accidental spillage. You can make a book cover to protect your book using paper supplies around the home. Common cover materials include newspapers, brown paper grocery bags and wrapping paper. The following simple steps will create a wrapping paper book cover.


Step 1

Lay out wrapping paper with the underside facing up, on a flat surface. Set your book on the wrapping paper and open the book to determine the largest width.

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Step 2

Wrapping paper cut to size around book

Cut the wrapping paper around the book, leaving one inch of extra paper at both the top and bottom of the book, a minimum of three inches on both the left and right sides of the book.

Step 3

Draw a line on the underside of the wrapping paper to mark the top and bottom one-inch margins.

Step 4

Margins folded inward

Set the book aside. Fold down the top one-inch margin of the paper forming a crease in place of the pencil line. Repeat this on the bottom one-inch margin.


Step 5

Tape the center of the folded margins down to secure their place, and set the book back into position. The crease of the margin folds should sit flush with the top and bottom edges of the book.

Step 6

Folded flap to fit front of book cover

Open the front cover of the book and fold the left edge of the paper over top of the cover. Crease the paper at desired flap length.



Step 7

Front cover of book inserted into front flap

Insert the front cover of the book into the folded one-inch margins and slide it into the new flap.


Step 8

With the front cover slid firmly into the front cover flap, turn all book pages over to the front to expose the back cover of the book.

Step 9

Fold the right side of the wrapping paper over the rear cover and set a crease.


Step 10

Insert the rear book cover just as the front cover and close the book with the new cover firmly in place.

Step 11

Lift the front cover of the book and place tape over the seams between the front of the cover and inner flap, top and bottom. You should only tape the wrapping paper together; the tape should not touch the book.

Step 12

Turn over the book and place tape over the wrapping paper seams between the rear cover and inner flap, top and bottom.


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