How to Make Plastic Pants

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 extra large garbage bags

  • Tacky glue

  • 1 pair of pants

  • Scissors

If you are attempting to design and create your own Halloween costume, you may have the need to make your own plastic pants. If you have never sewn before and the thought of making plastic pants is overwhelming, you no longer need to feel intimidated. Making plastic pants requires no sewing whatsoever and can be made by anyone. Creating your own plastic pants takes very little time, and can be accomplished by supervised children as well as adults. Making plastic pants can make a fun family craft project for Halloween, or any time of the year.


Step 1

Cut open one of your extra large garbage bags and lay it on the floor. Cut along the seam of the bag on two sides so that the bag can open up and appears like a sheet. Flatten the bag out so that it does not have any wrinkles or creases. You should get a garbage bag that is very large.

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Step 2

Lay out a pair of pants that fit you well but not too snugly on the garbage bag and flatten them out. Make sure that the legs are flattened as much as possible so that you can use them as a guide for cutting out your plastic pants. Unroll the bottoms of the legs if they are rolled up in any way, and button the pants at the top. Make sure that the pants are laying straight and that the legs are even on the garbage bag, and that the bag is laying flat on the floor underneath.


Step 3

Use your scissors to cut around the pants, about an inch wider than the pants legs on both sides. Do the same for the top of the pants. You can discard the extra garbage bag or use it for another craft project. Once you are finished cutting out the plastic pants bottom, carefully lift the actual pants and put them aside. Using another garbage bag, cut it open and flatten it out on the ground as well. Lay the bottom piece of the plastic pants that you already cut out on top of the newly opened garbage bag. Cut out a second top piece just like the bottom.


Step 4

Use the tacky glue and squirt a line of glue along the length of the bottom plastic pants on either side of the outside edge. Lay the top piece on top of the bottom piece and press the seams where you squirted your glue. Let dry. After the glue has completely dried, cut a small line where your "fly" would be. This will make it easier to pull your plastic pants on. On either side of the fly, attach a strip of garbage bag to use as ties.


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