How to Make a Simple Apron

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Fabric

  • Ribbon (2-inch width)

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

Make a Simple Apron

Kitchen aprons can be both practical and fashionable. A simple apron takes very little fabric and time to create. This makes it possible to design an apron to reflect the current holiday or the cook's personality. The choice of fabric will determine the theme. Even the seamstress with limited sewing skills can sew up an apron for herself or as a gift.


Step 1

Take the measurements for your apron. Measure around the waist, and divide the measurement in half. If the measurement around the waist is 30 inches, measurement A will be 15 inches. Measurement B will be the desired length of the apron, beginning at the waist, and measuring down to above the knee. Measurement C will be half of the measurement around the lower thighs. If that measurement is 40 inches, measurement C will be 20 inches.

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Step 2

Cut a rectangular shape that is measurement B by measurement C. If measurement B is 18 inches, and measurement C is 20 inches, the piece of fabric will be 18 by 20 inches


Step 3

Fold the piece of fabric in half. Measurement C should be along the hemline and waistline for the apron.


Step 4

Divide measurement A in half. If measurement A was 15 inches, this will be 7½ inches. Measure this amount from the top folded corner of the waistline to the unfolded edge of the waistline.


Step 5

Mark a straight line from the end of the measurement taken in the previous step to the left-hand corner of the lower hemline (assuming the folded edge is along the right-hand side as in the image). Cut along the line and discard trimmed edge.



Step 6

Unfold the fabric. The waistline should equal measurement A, and the hemline should equal measurement C. Press a ¼-inch hemline along the entire perimeter; fold over to hide the cut edge of the fabric and hem along the border.


Step 7

Fold the tie ribbon in half and center on the outside of the waistline and sew into place. The ribbon length should equal the measurement around the waist, plus approximately four feet. After sewing into place, trim ends of ribbon if necessary.


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