How to Sew a MOLLE Pouch for Airsoft and Paintball

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Things You'll Need

  • 1000D Cordura Nylon Fabric

  • Milspec 17337 or 43668 nylon webbing

  • Milspec 5038 binding tape

  • Velcro hook and loop tape

Sew a MOLLE Pouch for Airsoft and Paintball

Never have the right MOLLE pouch for your airsoft or paintball gear? Here's how to sew your own MOLLE pouch with PALS webbing.


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Step 1

First, get your sewing machine set up with the right needles and thread. See my article on "How to Sew Cordura Nylon and Webbing" in the Resources section of this page.

Step 2

Cut your Cordura fabric material, velcro and webbing to size. Lay everything out to double check your measurements. Now sew on your Velcro hook and loop tapes.


Step 3

Sew the PALS webbing on the front piece of the pouch. MOLLE webbing is made from 1" webbing with 1" spaces between them. The webbing is sewn down every 1.5". I start at the bottom of a column, sew up to the top, then sew down and back up again. This triple stitching locks the thread in place.


Step 4

Sew the MOLLE webbing on the back piece of the pouch. For small MALICE clips use be three solid rows of 1" webbing. For large MALICE clips make two rows of webbing, a 1" space and then two more rows. If you just sew five solid rows of webbing it will work for either size MALICE clip. I went nuts on this pouch and covered the back with 7 rows of webbing.


Step 5

Start assembling the pouch. Line up the bottom left corner of the front and back pieces and secure with a binder clip. Line up the top of the front piece with where it will fall on the back piece and use another clip. Now Z fold the rest of the front piece material to make a pleat. Sew it down.


Step 6

Line up, fold and sew the right side.


Step 7

Line up the center of the bottom edges of the front and back pieces and secure them. Form a Z fold on the left and right of the bottom edges as you did for the sides. Sew it down and now your pouch is almost done.


Step 8

Now finish the pouch by sewing binding tape along the bottom, sides and flap of the pouch to cover the raw edges and prevent them from fraying.