How to Make Oversized Hair Bows

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Lightweight floral wire

  • Glue gun and glue sticks

  • Grosgrain ribbon, 7/8-inch wide and 1/2-wide (both of same color)

  • Alligator clips

  • Fray-check

Make Oversized Hair Bows

Making hair bows can be a special activity for you and your daughter. Many work-at-home moms also make hair bows to sell to friends or online. Over-sized hair bows have come into style lately, seen on everyone from toddlers to teenage girls.


Step 1

Cut 7/8-inch ribbon into 30-inch long pieces. Each piece will make one bow. Cut the ends off diagonally, and apply fray-check to the ends. Let dry. This will prevent the ends from fraying.

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Step 2

Cut the floral wire into 4-inch pieces, one for each bow. Set aside.

Step 3

Make the first two loops. Hold the 30-inch long ribbon at one end, letting it hang down. With your other hand, grab the ribbon about 5 inches down from the top. Then, lift the ribbon up and loop it over where your thumb was grabbing the ribbon, so that you have a loop about 5 inches from the top, and a tail of about 2 inches hanging down. Firmly holding the ribbon in place, loop it again on the other side, so that you have a figure eight.


Step 4

Make two more loops, so that you have four large loops in total. Secure the center of the loops in place with one of the pieces of 4-inch floral wire. Create another four-loop bow in the same or a different color, and attach it to the first with more floral wire. Now you should have a large, eight-loop bow.


Step 5

Use a piece of the 1/2-inch wide ribbon to cover the center of the bow. Secure it in place with the hot glue. Next, use more hot glue to secure the bow to an alligator clip. If you wish, you can add something else in the center of the bow, such as a button or flower.


Satin ribbon is also good for making hair bows.


Use a cool glue gun if working with children.


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