How to Make a King Sized Fleece Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 by 4 inch piece of paper

  • 8 yards of 60-inch wide fleece (4 yards per side)

  • Thread in coordinating color

  • Trim, optional

There's not much better than wrapping up in a big snuggly fleece blanket on a chilly night. You can make your own fleece blanket big enough to cover a king-sized bed with hardly any sewing. And you can customize it to fit your decor, using colors and patterns that work with your bedroom.


Step 1

Get your measurements. The typical king-sized mattress is 76 by 80 inches. A California king is 72 by 84 inches. Measure your mattress if you are not sure which one you have.

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Step 2

Decide how far you want your fleece blanket to hang down over the sides of your mattress. You might look at the cover you are currently using to get an idea, or simply use a measuring tape to find the inches you need to add to each side and to the foot board end of the blanket to make it hang down as you like.

Step 3

Purchase your fabric. You need enough fleece to make a two-layered blanket, so double your total measurement to get the total yardage of fabric you need. Since you are making a king-sized blanket, you will have to sew together two pieces of fleece to make the blanket wide enough. Purchase enough material to be able to make your cuts and still have the right amount. You can use the same fleece or get fleece in coordinating prints or colors.


Step 4

Cut the fleece and sew the panels together to make two pieces that are equal and match your measurements.

Step 5

Put the two pieces of fleece together, with their backs against each other. One will be the top and one will be the bottom of your blanket.


Step 6

Trim any messy pieces from the sides of the fleece.

Step 7

Use a small square piece of paper, 4 by 4 inches, to cut out the corners. Lay the paper on each corner and use fabric scissors to cut out around the square piece of paper.


Step 8

Cut fringes down each side of the fleece, through both layers. Make each one about four inches long and space them about one inch wide.

Step 9

Tie every other pair of fringes in a tight double knot down each side of the blanket.

Step 10

Turn the blanket over and repeat with the remaining, untied pairs of fringes.


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