How to Create Your Own Iron-On Transfer Logo

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Things You'll Need

  • Transfer paper

  • Iron

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Material

Iron-On Transfer Logo

It is fun to take a plain surface and add your own personal logo, whether it be for a team, your family or a stunning photo. With a computer and a printer, you can easily design your own iron-on logo.


Step 1

Choose the software to design your logo on your computer. Keep in mind that the transfer paper measures 8.5 by 11 inches, so your logo must stay within those limitations. Some papers are made for dark or light backgrounds. Save the logo design as a jpeg and then choose the option to flip it horizontally to get the mirrored image.

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Step 2

Set your print settings for 360 dpi on photo paper or special paper. High resolution provides clear details. Place your transfer paper into the paper feed so that the print will be on the receiving side.

Step 3

Critique your logo by enlarging it on your computer so that you can see any errors. When you are confident that it looks good, print it. Do not touch the paper until the ink has completely dried. Trim your paper so that only the logo remains.


Step 4

Turn your iron to the highest setting, remove any water and let it get hot for 10 minutes. Set your cardboard on a flat, hard heatproof surface. Lay the material on which you are putting the iron-on transfer logo totally flat on the cardboard. Position the printed logo face down on the shirt.


Step 5

Keep the iron moving as you press it over the logo. Work in circular motions for approximately 1 minute, a little longer for larger transfers and less for smaller ones. Make sure you go over the edges and corners. Wait 4 seconds. Pull off the paper while the transfer is still hot if you want a matte finish or wait for approximately 3 minutes until it cools for a glossy finish.


Wash the material inside out only after 72 hours of applying the transfer.


Never direclty iron the transfered logo.


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