How to Make a Spoon Display Case

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 pieces oak lumber 16 inches long

  • 2 pieces oak lumber 19 ¾ inches long

  • 1 piece 17 ½-by19 ¾-by-1/4-inch oak plywood

  • 4 pieces of felt 2½-by16-inches

  • Spray contact adhesive

  • Wood glue

  • Measuring tape

  • Band saw

  • Drill

  • Drill bit for pilot holes

  • 4d finish nails

  • 2d finish nails

Spoon Display Case

If you have a spoon collection you may want to use a display case to show it off to friends and family. If you've been to the store and cannot find anything that you want to buy, there is always the option of building your own. You'll want to plan this carefully as you will use felt or some other soft material to protect and add style to your spoon display case. We're going to build this one using 1-by-3-inch solid oak for the frame and shelves and ¼-inch oak plywood for the back.


Step 1

Determine the space needed between each spoon by measuring the width of the spoons in your collection. Be sure that your spoons don't hang too close together.

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Step 2

Mark three of the 16-inch pieces of oak according to the measurement in Step 1. Next, cut a slot on your marks so that your spoon handles will slip in easily. Be sure not to cut too deep or wide as this could take away from the beauty of your display case.


Step 3

Spray contact adhesive to the back of the felt and the top of the oak. Be certain to follow the directions on the can to get the best results.

Step 4

Drill two pilot holes at the top and the bottom of the each of the 19 ¾-inch pieces of oak as well as each place where the three shelves will attach. Next, assemble the two 19 ¾-inch and the two 16-inch pieces of oak (not the shelves from Step 2) by applying glue to the ends of them and securing them between the two 19 ¾-inch pieces using the 4d finish nails. Do not assemble the three shelves that will display the spoons yet.


Step 5

Apply glue to the back of the four pieces you assembled in Step 4. Place the 17½-by-19¾-by-¼-inch oak plywood with the best side facing in on the back of the display case and secure it using the 2d finish nails.

Step 6

Apply glue to the ends and the back edge of one of the three shelves that display the spoons and carefully set it in place in the display case. Secure it through the ends with the 4d finish nails. Be certain to clean any excess glue immediately. Repeat this for the two remaining shelves making certain that the felt is turned in the same direction.


Step 7

Turn the display case over and drawn a line directly behind each of the three shelves. Secure the back to the shelves with the 2d finish nails.


Always wear safety glasses.

Be certain to sand the wood before applying the finish.

Be careful not to splinter the oak when drilling the pilot holes.

As an option, you may apply stain to the oak before assembling.


Do not leave power tools unattended.

Do not allow excess glue to dry.


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