How to Make a CD Booklet

If you've lost a CD booklet out of a jewel case or want to design cover art for CDs you make yourself, there are two processes to do it. You can either make a CD booklet by hand or with the aid of a computer program like Microsoft Word or CorelDRAW. Either way, replacing a lost booklet or creating a custom CD cover uses materials you probably already have around your house or office.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Writing tools
  • Computer
  • Printer

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Making a Booklet by Hand

Fold a plain piece of printer paper in half so that the short sides meet.

Get a CD jewel case and cut the folded piece of paper so that it covers the entire front face of the case minus the left hinge section. The fold of the paper is regularly on the left.

Open the jewel case and slide your newly fitted paper into the cover with the fold going in first

Add writing and pictures to your cover with your writing tools. If more pages are needed, repeat the above process and tuck the additional pages inside the cover.

Making a Booklet on a Computer

Use a word processing program like Microsoft Word to write out the text you want in your booklet.

Use only half the screen and only go down about 10 lines in 12-point font. This is so each section will be the correct size when you cut the printed page to fit the jewel case.

Print the completed pages and cut to size. Slide each finished page into the jewel case.

Use a graphics programs such as CorelDRAW to add graphics and other detail to a CD booklet. Use the ruler tools in these programs to create each page so when the printed pages are cut to fit inside the jewel case, the printed material will be the correct size.

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