Sawa Cookie Press Instructions

The SAWA press is a kitchen tool for baking press cookies, biscuits and filling appetizers and cakes. Made in Sweden, the SAWA comes with various disk designs, such as rings, ribbons, trees, stars and flowers. With the SAWA press you can make batches of elegant bakery-quality cookies easily. This press is also useful for making meringues and other thick batter pastries that can be dropped onto a pan. Also, the press comes with injection attachments so you can fill jelly donuts, eclairs, other foods. Icing tips can be attached to decorate baked goods.

Things You'll Need

  • SAWA cookie/pastry press
  • Oven
  • Chilled cookie sheet
  • parchment paper (optional)
  • Dough of choice

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Prep and Pre-Heat

Make sure the cookie press is clean and dry before using it.

Line the chilled cookie sheet with parchment paper. Or, lightly grease the sheet.

Prepare your preferred cookie dough and pre-heat the oven to the recommended temperature. Good cookies for presses are spritz, Danish rings and tea cookies. The dough should be rolled into two or three long rolls, 1/4-inch smaller than the outside of the press.

Using the SAWA

Rotate the grooved bar that runs through the cap so that it can be drawn back without difficulty and pull it out to the furthest position. The bar should remain connected to the press.

Under the level is a selector that determines the size of the cookie. For small cookies, move the setting so that each movement of the level shifts 1 groove. For larger cookies, choose the 2 groove setting.

Remove the casing ring at the opening of the press and insert a roll of dough into the tube.

Select a ring design from the attachments and place the disk into the casing ring. It can be placed in either direction. The concave side facing up will make thinner cookies and down produces thicker cookies.

With the casing and disk off, pump the level of the press one or two times until some dough comes out through the front of the tube. Make a clean cut so that the dough is at the edge of the press.

Screw the ring and disk onto the tube.

Place the end nozzle of the press directly onto the prepared cookie sheet.

Gently press the lever down. Every press is one cookie. Do not move the cookie press until you are done pressing down or the design will be blurred.

Life the press off the sheet and repeat the process until the sheet is filled with cookies.

Bake as your recipe directs.

Using the Injector Attachments

Using your clean press, follow steps 1 and 2 above, choosing the 2 groove setting on the level selector.

Fill the tube with your desired filling.

Attach the injector nozzle onto the ring casing and screw onto the tube.

Place tip of nozzle 1/3 of the way into the item.

Gently press the lever until you have gone 2 grooves.

If you want to have a decorative swirl of filling on top of the dessert, continue to place light pressure on the press as you remove the injector and rotate the press as the nozzle comes out.

Cleaning your SAWA

Take apart the SAWA press and remove any left over dough or filling.

Using warm, soapy water, thoroughly wash all pieces. Make sure that the grooved bar does not have dough left on it.

The SAWA can also be placed in the dish washer, but should be checked for residual dough afterward.

Store all pieces together.

Tips & Warnings

  • Practice using the SAWA so that you know how much pressure to place on the lever. When using the SAWA to decorate cakes, tilt it slightly so that the icing flows smoothly. Experiment with recipes as the SAWA is a versatile kitchen tool!
  • Cookies with hard or large pieces of candy in the dough are not recommended for the SAWA. Some drop cookies will lose their shape while cooking if the dough is not solid enough.
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